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Need Big Stoppies?

Erm hello!! First blog post since the Apps release so let's try make this a good one hey?!

One of our most popular products has to be the Bugweg calipers... These Brembo Style 4 Pot calipers come in red as standard (although we can arrange painting for you) and honestly transform the braking potential of your vehicle!

I am running solid 316mm discs with the Ferodo Premier Pads with aluminium shims and I am a little obsessed. My wheels are quite 'spokey' so you can see the shape and size of the calipers so well and I love that they are orange now too.

When you purchase these kits off the website, they arrive complete and ready to bolt straight on - no fiddly adapters needed, the conversion brake lines are included and the pad fitting kit is in a lovely sealed package too!

I know just how popular these are, both for sheer stopping goodness, but also because parked up at a show these look amazing! So... on that note, shall I chuck up a discount code that will last until 9am GMT Monday 23rd August??

Use NEEDBIGSTOPPIES at checkout for a £50 off voucher for this weekend only!

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