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Black Diamond Performance have developed a new Performance Single Mass Flywheel Conversion Kit to partner their very successful performance clutch range. We are seeing an ever-increasing demand for the ability to replace dual mass flywheels with single mass flywheels. Their SMF performance kits  are now available in three stages - Fast Road, Fast Road/Competition, and a full Race paddle version.


With the change from a DMF to SMF the damping is transferred back to the driven plate, and so all their conversion kits have sprung drive plates. Their Performance clutch range has benefitted from their experience in brake disc technology, so they machine grooves into the pressure plate surface, helping to dissipate the heat generated, as well as remove the dust and gases created.

Advantages of Converting from DMF to SMF

  • SMF's are more suited to conditions where frequent changes of engine speed and gear changes are made.
  • Additional torque caused by tuning an engine, or heavy competition use, can destroy a DMF.
  • Allows for faster gear changes for race situations.
  • Precision engineered and balanced.
  • SMF' s have no moving parts so will long outlast the DMF's they replace.
  • Our kit is a much cheaper option than replacing with standard DMF and clutch.
  • No need to replace the whole system going forward, we offer a full range of service kits meaning that only the clutch will need replacement, not the whole system. Also the SMF kit is fully able to be upgraded through the different Black Diamond stages without the need to replace the flywheel.
  • The SMFP kit is usually significantly lighter than the OEM DMF & clutch.
  • Our SMFP kits are direct replacements for OEM DMF's/clutches, no other parts needed.


Disadvantages? Yes, there are some.  The SMFP is a performance product which may cause additional wear to the rest of the drivetrain and gearbox, due to removal of the vibration damping properties of the DMF. You may also notice an increase in transmission noise which a DMF can hide, and an increase in vibrations. These are normal and do not affect the performance of the SMFP.


Like Black Diamonds performance clutch range, our SMFP's are available in 3 Stages. All SMFP kits comprise of 4 pieces (flywheel, pressure plate, drive plate and release bearing). 


Stage 1 - Fast Road
Black Diamonds Stage 1 clutch kit is recommended for vehicles with up to a 20% increase in torque above standard. The clutch disc has a spiral woven glass fibre friction material with a heavy copper core. The glass fibre is a fairly soft material which allows for a smooth engagement of the clutch and consistent performance from low to high temperatures. The added copper in this friction material allows the clutch to perform well at even higher temperatures, as well as improving burst strength (approximately 9000 RPM) and helping to dissipate heat through the material. The strong springs used in Black Diamond’s Stage 1 clutch kit create greater clamping pressure on the clutch disc, providing a more instant response and reducing the chance of unwanted slippage. As the organic compound used in the Stage 1 clutch disc is relatively soft, it also benefits from a minimal breaking in period.


Stage 2 - Fast Road / Competition
Black Diamond’s Stage 2 clutch kit uses Kev-TEK, an aramid fibre friction material similar to Kevlar and is recommended for vehicles with a torque increase of up to 30%. These clutch kits provide an even stronger clamping pressure than the Stage 1, as well as boasting an even higher burst strength. This is aided by the extreme hardness of the aramid fibre material, which is nevertheless very lightweight. This friction material requires a breaking in period of about 600 - 800 miles of gentle use, this is to ensure it reaches it’s full friction qualities. The Stage 2 clutch kit is capable of withstanding the high temperatures associated with competition driving and so is ideal for the track.


Stage 3 - Full Race
Our Stage 3 clutch kit is recommended for increases in torque of between 30% and 60%. We use a cerametallic friction material, allowing it to be able to cope with extremely high heat and torque. These paddle clutches are an excellent option for track use, heavily modified engines where the torque increases exponentially. Black Diamond’s Stage 3 clutch kit, with its very high clamp load and stainless steel backing plates ensures that maximum torque is transmitted from the engine to the wheels on the ground with minimum risk of overheating or slipping. Their stage 3 paddle clutch retains the driveability required in normal road use, although some changes to driving style are required (more revs to pull away). 



Single Mass Conversion - R52, R53

  • To keep our prices competitive, a lot of our products are Drop-Shipped but this does mean keeping accurate live stock is very difficult. If you are unable to wait for items to come back into stock, please contact us before purchasing. Please also see our terms and conditions for more information regarding cancelling advertised Drop-Shipped items.

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