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What colours were available for the first modern MINI release?

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

The modern Mini Cooper, introduced in 2000, offered a wider range of colour options compared to the original Mini. In 2000, the Mini Cooper was available in the following colours:

  1. Cosmos Black: A glossy black option with a fleck for a sleek and stylish look.

  2. Black: Glossy but solid black.

  3. Pepper White: A creamy rich white

  4. Chilli Red: A bright and luxurious red colour.

  5. Candy Blue: A bright and eye-catching blue colour.

  6. Solid Gold Met: Not available on all models of the first generation but still popular.

  7. Indi Blue: A deep and rich blue colour.

  8. Dark Silver Met: A dark and metallic grey option.

  9. British Racing Green: A classic racing green shade, paying homage to Mini's British heritage.

  10. Pure Silver: A metallic silver colour, offering a modern and sophisticated appearance.

  11. Silk Green Met: Again, not available for all models but a luxurious shade of emerald.

  12. Liquid Yellow: A vibrant and attention-grabbing yellow shade.

  13. Velvet Red: A deep and luxurious red-y brown colour.

  14. Aspen White: A barely there hue that glows with yellow and green undertones.

Please note that the availability of specific colours may have varied depending on the region and specific year within the 2000s.

What colour is your MINI?? We love to see them, please comment below on this blog so that we can start creating a huge list!!

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