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The Yellow Peril

This is where it began...

My sister bought this car in rearly 2017 looking back it seems like a bargain. £2250 was handed over, the car had 52k on the clock and one lady owner from new! Not only is it my personal favourite colour for the R53 but it also seems to be a pretty rare colour as you just done see many Yellow R53's... lots of R50's though :)

The car is mostly standard and came very highly spec'd from the factory having pretty much every optional extra available in 2002. The Mini has frequented the track a few times and even though it is completely standard it still manages to bring joy and surprise us all. I'm sure you will agree that the black with the yellow really does stand out especially with the all black roof and the aftermarket decal wheels and mirrors.

As said the car is completely standard and has no plans on being modified anytime soon as it is her daily driver... That being said when parts go wrong we will look at replacing them with decent aftermarket stuff if we can. Unfortunately its seems to be a bit of a bullet and nothing has gone wrong on it at all in 2 years of ownership.

When i first drove this car i was instantly enthralled by the way it drove, the way it cornered and even though standard the sound of the supercharger was addictive! Having owned my faster cars in the past this felt different, it had the refinement of my E36 330ci and the handling of my 306 GTi-6. It reminded me very much of my RX-8 that I had for a short while (6 months then the engine went.... #standard!)

RX-8 for Reference... Loved this car!!!

2 weeks later I had a mini of my own, which although decent electrically it turned out to be a bit of a lemon with regards to the obd port not working.... It was here that Mod a Mini was born.

Thanks for reading :)


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