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The ZeroPointOne BMW Mini R53 and R56 Black Edition Shifter (Base Model) feature all-black CNC'd anodised aluminium components, a brushed aluminium base, and black stainless steel fixings. The unit can then be customised with a choice of anodised or painted gear knobs. (see other images)


Engineered to precise tolerances (hence the name 0.1), this machined aluminium shifter will give the driver a more direct and shorter gear shifting experience. Installation is simple and requires the user to simply remove the old unit and install the ZPO unit with minor setup adjustments before being able to get out on track.


These shifters are 100%, designed, built, coloured and coated in the UK using UK parts! Which sets the quality above and beyond all other shifters!


Please send us a message to explore any customisation ideas that you may have.




NOTE: Pre-Facelift vehicles will require facelift gear cables!

Zero Point One Short Shifter - R53 & R56


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