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Wavetrac Helical ATB LSD Differential Mini Cooper S 01-14 - 56.309.190WK-1


  • If you lift a wheel, all gear diffs except Wavetrac®, will NOT power the other wheel. 
  • During the transition from accel to decel, all gear diffs except Wavetrac®, do nothing.
  • The patented Wave hub improves driveability and performance during performance driving.
  • The pinions in the Wavetrac run on patented Carbon Fibre bias plates in the housing. Whereas all other designs run the pinons directly on the steel housing. Over time, with the metal on metal contact with other ATB designs friction can reduce and with this performance reduces. The carbon fibre bias plates in the Wavetrac create a consistent friction surface for the life of the differential for consistent performance.
  • Its gear tooth forms are optimised for strength and improved oil film retention over competitive designs. 
  • gear package is smaller, reducing overall mass, yet is more durable since particular attention was paid to the tooth strength - optimised for high torque conditions.
  • The internal gears are made from high-strength 9310 alloy steel. 
  • The diff bodies are machined from case-hardened steel billet. 
  • Every Wavetrac® differential is built exclusively using high quality, high strength fasteners from ARP®, the world leader in fastener technology
  • Wavetrac has a Lifetime, transferable warranty in all use cases including road, track, professional Motorsport, drag strip, rally, etc


A good plate LSD i.e. Drexler or Holinger will typically be better than a Wavetrac in a use case of professional Motorsport i.e. slicks, Motorsport chassis, and Motorsport suspension but, then you have the trade off of loss of performance with use, in Motorsport this typically does not matter. Although we do have customers running Wavetrac in professional Motorsport due to the benefits listed below, the car is just faster in different areas.


If the use case is a mix of track day and road or even drag strip, the Wavetrac would be a better fit due to overcoming all the issues in all other ATB LSDs which you experience on the track and road whilst having zero of the drawbacks of a plate LSD.


Here is an overview of the Advantages of a Wavetrac over plate LSDs

  • Wavetrac requires zero maintenance. Plate LSDs require frequent servicing to maintain performance. As they are used the friction plates wear and performance drops off.
  • Wavetrac does not increase Noise Vibration or Harshness. Noise Vibration & Harshness is comparatively higher and much more noticeable on a plate LSD.
  • Wavetrac allows for chassis stiffness to be setup comparatively softer vs. a plate style LSD as you are not overcoming an locked axle on turn-in. This improves overall mechanical grip, allowing for more setup variation.
  • Wavetrac never locks harshly, improving longevity of driveline components i.e. driveshafts.
  • Wavetrac has a Lifetime, transferable warranty in all use cases including road, track, professional Motorsport, drag strip, rally etc whereas plate differentials typically come with no warranty or a very limited warranty 

Wavetrac ATB LSD Limited Slip Differential - R52 R53 R56


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