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BMW Mini Cooper S 1.6 Lite


If you're running a standard stock OEM Flywheel then you're missing out on improved throttle response throughout the entire rev range. The BMW mini stock OEM flywheel is a large mass for the engine to turn reducing acceleration and engine uptake, retarding the performance of your BMW mini.

Simply fitting a flywheel will make any cooper S much more responsive and much quicker the minute the throttle is applied. The mini OEM stock flywheel weighs in at 12kg unlike the TTV lightweight performance flywheel which weighs just 5.6kg, that's less than half the rotational mass.

The lightened TTV Flywheel is manufactured from lightweight billet steel providing strength whilst reducing overall mass and maintaining strength. The flywheel is balanced to eliminate any harmonics and provide a smooth engine uptake whilst also allowing a direct replacement fit.

NOTE: The flywheel can be fitted to the standard stock OEM clutch or a performance aftermarket clutch. The drive plate used MUST be sprung to ensure that no clutch slip is generated.


OE Part Number 2120 7520 446

BMW Bolts Part Number 11227560578 (ARP also available)

Engines W11 B16A

R50 02 to 06

R52 04 to 07

R53 02 to 06


  • Description: BMW Mini Cooper S 1.6 Lite
  • Design: Lite - For Standard Clutch
  • Weight: 5.5 (Kg) (Standard is 12kg!)

TTV Lightweight Flywheel - Mini Cooper S R53

SKU: TTV 0975

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