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These are made to order in Greece and take 2-3 weeks to be made and delivered.


The OEM R53 charge pipe is a big restriction in the intake system of the vehicle. 

Even vehicles with high performance modifications like big valve heads and upgraded camshafts are restricted by the oem design, as the restriction lays between the intake and the cylinder head. 

Engines need air in order to combust fuel, the more air the more fuel can be combusted and ultimate the more power output. 

The TPE Charge pipe works exceptionally with highly modified or not vehicles. With vehicles that have an OEM or not throttle body. With the OEM airbox or any aftermarket. 


Power and torque increase (see dyno graph) are impressive and stay well above the factory curves from launch to redline. 


Power and torque increase happen in the whole RPM range as the whole graph is shifted upwards.  

TPE Precision charge pipe delivers smooth and linear power with increased boost pressure (up to 1 psi) and lower IATs (up to 5 degrees Celsius).


Our charge pipe design is not only larger up to 45% but also utilizes smooth geometry transitions and tighter tolerance in the supercharger inlet. This superior design delivers greater volume of air, improved laminar air flow and increased air velocity. These improvements deliver 6.5 whp and 3 wtq (Ft-Lb) in the whole RPM range. 


This optimized shape and thickness can not be achieved with conventional round tubes or cast technics.

That's why the charge pipe is 3D printed at a state of the art industrial HP printer. The material we use is NYLON 12 and it is resistant to fuel and oil and has working temperature of more than 140 degrees Celsius. 

As with any performance upgrades TPE Precision charge pipe capabilities can be fully utilized with a retune, as AFR is going to be on the lean side after installation. Installation of the charge pipe is highly recommended to be performed by qualified BMW-MINI technicians. 

The R53 charge pipe kit is a direct bolt-on engine upgrade that requires no modifications. It comes with all the required hardware  necessary to complete the installation. 


Please note: these are made in Greece and take 2-3 weeks to be made and delivered

TPE Precision - R53 Charge Pipe V2 Kit


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