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TEIN Street Advanced Z offers ideal suspension systems for drivers who want a quicker and better response to drive freely through turns and who are in pursuit of the ultimate driving experience. It gives your vehicle the road holding which allows you to drive as you always imagined. It is an aggressive suspension which lets you put all you have into driving, and allows you look forward to attacking the next unknown turn. TEIN suspension maintain their superior performance and are highly durable. The quality of their products can withstand the highest demands of the not only the road but also the race track making this the ideal sports suspension. 


TEIN's foundation of suspension manufacturing lies in motorsports. Belief that the field of motorsports - where each millisecond weighs heavily - is indispensable as a place to improve their suspension engineering technology is what sets them above the rest. TEIN embodies the famous 'Laboratory on Wheels' where utmost technology comes from the competition fields where winning requires competing for every tenth of a second. All the valuable data obtained from competitions are refined and poured into all TEIN products built for the street or the track.


Additional Features: 

  • Progressive Spring Rate Design
  • Green Power Coat Finish
  • 1-year Manufacturers Defect Warranty
  • Perfect for road or track use
  • Ride height adjustment : from -3 to -40 mm (front) and -6 to -55 mm (rear)
  • Spring rates : 6 kgF/mm (front) and 6 kgF/mm (rear)
  • 16 stage damping adjustment
  • OEM specification brake hose fittings
  • Anti-corrosion coating and dust boots, powder coated green
  • 1 year warranty
  • Tein reference : GSV70-91SS2




The EDFC 2 allows you to control the dampening force of your springs whilst inside the vehicle. The driver usually needs to get out of the car, raise the bonnet and/or take off rear interior parts such as the speaker board or rear seat. With the EDFC 2, all the driver has to do is simply push the buttons on the controller to adjust damping force without even setting a foot outside the vehicle.


With just a touch of a button, damping force is adjusted to the preset setting instantly. Up to 3 presets are available to store the preferred settings. All the basic operations can be done with just a single touch of either damping force adjustment buttons for front and rear (+/-) or 3 preset buttons.




To control damping force more actively according to driving conditions, 2 automatic adjustment modes are available; "G-actuated automatic adjustment mode" and "speed-sensitive automatic adjustment mode (optional GPS kit is required see drop down). Damping force adjustment levels can be set in 3 different types; 16-level, 32-level or 64-level. Motor driver units, located at front and back of the car, and the controller unit are connected wirelessly, to reduce time-consuming cable runs. The controller unit has all the sensing functions, with built-in optical sensor to detect brightness in its surroundings and connectivity with optional GPS kit to detect vehicle speed. The power supply cable is the only wiring required between the controller and the vehicle, making it possible and easier to install onto wider varieties of vehicle models. Well-considered size and design enable controller unit to be installed to most desirable position easily without any bulky wiring.


A larger display is used for improved visibility and one-dial operation allows for easier handling. The EDFC ACTIVE offers lots of extra features including adjustable display color and G-force display.


In addition, with optional GPS kit installed, vehicle speed, altitude, longitude, latitude, trip meter and/or clock can be displayed.


One controller unit can control up to 8 motors, with additional motor driver units installed. This comes in handy for damper kit with separate compression/rebound adjustment.




EDFC ACTIVE PRO is a high-spec version of EDFC ACTIVE, so including all the above it also enables automatic adjustment of damping force according to the changes in longitudinal G-force and vehicle speed, and comes with new and upgraded functions, such as individual adjustment of 4 shock absorbers, lateral (cornering) G-actuated automatic adjustment, vehicle speed pulse input and 2 additional input ports to communicate with the driver, which is sure to bring out the full potential of each shock absorber as well as the vehicle itself. 

Tein Street Advanced Z Adjustable Coilover Kit - Mini Cooper S R55 R56


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