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Maximise the efficiency of your Anti Roll Bar using the Heavy Duty Adjustable Sway Bar Link Kit TRC10200 (Rears TRC10160) by Super Pro. Made with 6060-T5 Alloy this drop links are made to last! They benefit from a larger than stadard ball that allows for lower friction and therefore a longer life. The adjustable range of the front drop links is Minimum Length 245mm with a Maximum Length 305mm (OE length is 270mm) and the rears Minimum length 210mm to maximum length 260mm. (OE length is 233mm)


Please choose whether you require front, rear or both from the drop downs provided.



Due to the increased thickness of the drop links over standard, the clearance available will be different and therefor may need to be fitted backwards. Clearance will vary dependant on the amount your car has been lowered and also the coilovers fitted. It is important to set the adjustable sway bar links with the vehicle on all four wheels positioned at static ride height, then neutralise lengths. DO NOT Attempt to “preload” the sway bar will result in some component failure.

Super Pro - Drop Links R50 R53 R56


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