**Images show fast road head. The item you receive may differ from the picture depending on the level of modification chosen at checkout. Price updated as options are selected**


Mod A Mini is proud to offer Robert Cox Engineering Performance Cylinder Heads for the Mini Cooper S R53. Although everybody's engines are slightly different (and use various pulley sizes) a basic rule of thumb is around 250BHP 



Standard Headwork: From £375

If you have suffered from head gasket failure or require a head rebuild we can offer a complete rebuild and skim of your head, including pressure testing and a complete clean. If your head is toast we can also supply a replacement head and the above work.



Rallye - Stage 2: From £800

This Stage 2 head again utilises the standard valve gear but with even more BHP being achieved. This upgrade is for those who frequent the track but still want a rounded daily driver. The head is modified as above but more aggressively, allowing more power. 45-degree seat is opened out by 1.5mm over standard.


Depending on pulley size and prior upgrades, a Rallye Head should be good for up to around 270BHP, seeing fantastic power increases.



Full Race - Stage 3: From £1600

This is the most aggressive head we have on offer. Robert Cox Engineering has spared no effort in creating this high quality and highly effective cylinder head. This is the big valve version and boy does it pack a punch - this is the ultimate for any track enthusiast. This is all the same as above but bored out, no more standard valves all internals are enlarged and strengthened.


Super tech 1.8mm inlet and 2.3mm exhaust. Single groove valves with standard springs are used on supercharged engines as the springs are suited to the maximum boost the charger can supply. 


Depending on pulley size, prior upgrades and ECU tuning (as well as if you have a turbo), the Full Race Head should be good for up to around 600BHP, seeing fantastic power increases over the above two head options.


The standard springs are too strong for the std application that's why MINI heads tend to burn out exhaust valves the seating pressure is so high on such a small valve and they deform the valve seating area causing a bad seal and ultimately failure. This is addressed in all Robert Cox Engineering heads by the widening of the valve seat area within the head to spread the load.


If you require the big valve head for a turbo'd mini a different ratio of exhaust flow to inlet flow is produced, therefore, bigger springs are supplied to handle 2.5 bar (36 PSI) boost £1850


Matched Newman Cams: From £250 (including cam)

Robert Cox Engineering offer high lift cams that are based on the popular Newman Cam profiles but they are tweaked to suit the head your order to get the most out of it. Please note once fitted remapping will be required.


Matched Inlet Manifold: From £75

Like the Cam above we can also supply ported and polished manifolds again to match your head this, allows maximum airflow and bang for buck from your head.


Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for production of the Standard, Stage 1 & 2 Kits and up to 4 weeks for Stage 3 as the valves and other parts come from the USA.


Please note that heads are on an exchange basis, if your head is not reusable there will be a surcharge of £150 added.


Note: you will be responsible for shipping/delivering your head to Robert Cox Engineering. If you require us to arrange a courier on your behalf please let us know in the comments when you check out.


Message us for details, pricing and a quote!

RCE Cylinder Heads Standard, Stages 2 & 3 - Mini Cooper S R53


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