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Out of stock until November '24!


These kits contain everything you will need to either replace your current R53 or R56 calipers a massive upgrade from the standard factory braking system. Our track edition is for those looking to get more from the Mini's standard braking setup without spending a fortune on the like os AP or K-Sport setups! This is about as close to their spec as you can get!


Base Kit:

- 2x Budweg Brembo Style 4 Pot Painted calipers (RED)

- 2x HEL Performance Front hoses

- 1x Pad fitting kit including pins and clips for BOTH calipers


Disc Options:

Brembo High Carbon - Solid

Brembo High Carbon - Drilled and Grooved

(Other options available)


Pad Options:

EBC Blue

EBC Orange

Ferodo DS2500

Mintex M1144

Mintex M1155

PBS ProRace

PBS ProTrack

(Other options available)


With premium-quality RED painted Budweg calipers, HEL Performance stainless steel braided hoses in combination 


Please keep in mind that these calipers use a 316mm disc, therefore, for first Generation MINI models, a minimum of a 17" alloy is required.


NOTE: Spacers may be required for some wheels!.

R56 JCW Budweg Calipers TRACK EDITION - R53 R56


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