The R56 Brake conversion is a great and affordable way to get a lot more stopping power without braking the bank. We will supply everything required to perform the conversion yourself, or get it done by a local professional.


We have many different options available so please message us if you want something a bit different. The basic kit includes. Front Calipers, TRW Front Carriers, and HEL Braided lines in a colour of your choosing (leave a note at checkout or drop us a message). The above will allow you to fit a 294mm disc along with R56 Pads.


From here, if required, we can then supply you discs and pads from almost any brand (not just the ones listed on our site) so please do let us know if you would like a price for your perfect kit! 


As an option we can also offer standard rear calipers, this will allow you to completely freshen up your rear braking system. We will supply the Calipers, Carriers and the Braided lines to suit.


If you would like the calipers painted please let us know and we can arrange for a local body shop to paint them for you, giving you the exact look you are after. 


All in all, we can cater for any kit you would like whether it is as budget as possible, a daily fast road driver, or a track monster just let us know.


EBC Disc Option - Grooved Discs or Drilled and Grooved Discs with EBC Yellowstuff Pads

Pagid - Solid Pagid Disc with Pagid Pads

Many other options available so get in touch if you want something specific :)


NOTE: Mostly these are shipped next day, however, please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery as these come directly from TRW Germany and can sometimes take a little bit longer.


NOTE: we are struggling to get hold of TRW calipers at the moment so you will receive either TRW, Einbach or Brakefit depending on stock! Both additional brands carry the same warranty and are of the same OEM quality!


Check out our installation guide:

R53 to R56 Brake Conversion