Mod A Mini Supercharger service kit



  • 2x Top Quality 304 British Made Stainless steel jubilee By-Pass Valve hose clamps 

  • 1x water pump O Ring to block
  • 1 x Crank Position Sensor O Ring
  • 1x O Ring for your often leaking dipstick tube
  • By Pass Valve link pipe silicone hose
  • 1x 76mm Top Quality 304 British Stainless steel air box hose jubilee clip
  • Syringe and pipe for easy measuring
  • Supercharger to Horn Gasket
  • Inlet Manifold Horn Gasket
  • High-Quality water pump with the housing! 


This is everything you should need to complete the supercharger service to a high standard. we have a youtube tutorial you can follow:


Strip Down:

Supercharger Service:

R53 Supercharger Service Kit