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This detailing kit contains a huge variety of products which cover virtually all detailing jobs, information on the size and description of each product can be seen in the contecnts box below.


Starting out with a snow foam and all the way through to the final waxing, wheels and interior cleaning this detailing kit has everything you require to completely detail your car no matter how dirty it is. The quality of this product in this price range is truly out of this world and those that havent yet tried Pure Definitions products really should! We are not sponsored by Pure Definition in anyway, however, after using one of thier kits for the first time we just had to enquire about stocking their products! Needless to say this is what we will be using for the foreseeable future and we feel this should be shared! So why not give it a try? At this price its really worth it!



1 X Anti Iron Fallout Remover (250ml) 
1 X Opti-Bright Wheel Cleaner (250ml) 
1 X Wheel Sheild Sealant (250ml) 
1 X Diamond Fusion Ultra Compound Polish (250ml) 
1 X Crystal Fusion Final Finish Polish (250ml) 
1 X Ultra Glaze Mirror Gloss (250ml) 
1 X Pre-Wax Cleanser (250ml) 
1 X Extreme Extra Gloss Tyre Gel (250ml)
1 X Rapid Bug & Tar Remover (250ml)  
1 X Carnauba Luminous Gloss  Wax (250ml)      
1 X Ultimate Finish Sealant Wax (250ml)                 
1 X Glass Creame Polish (250ml)
1 X Interior Cockpit Detailer (250ml)  
1 X Ultra Wash Snow Foam (800ml)
1 X Gloss Wash Shampoo (800ml)
1 X Gloss Wash Waterless (800ml)  
1 X Quick And Slick Gloss Detailer (800ml)
2 X 100g Paint Cleanser Clay Bars In Case  
1 X Deluxe Edgeless XL Microfibre Towel
4 X Flawless Microfibre Cloths 
12 X Applicator Pads 

Pure Definition -Complete Car Detailing Kit

Quick Gloss Detailer Flavour

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