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Pipercross Performance Induction Kits replace the original restrictive paper air filter and airbox with a performance, high-flow cone style filter and necessary adaptors and pipework. Want to hear them turbo sounds then this is the kit for you!


The foam filters have been designed to improve airflow and horsepower, offering a crisper throttle response and superior performance for improved acceleration and greater driving enjoyment. The spun aluminium base has a uniquely designed air inlet, incorporating a full radius air inlet bellmouth to allow air to pass smoothly into the engine, maximising power output.


Due to the deep foam construction of each Pipercross air filter, airflow is able to negotiate trapped dirt. Air filter service intervals are extended and by simply cleaning and re-oiling the Pipercross filter, there is less waste and service costs are reduced.


  • Maximum airflow
  • Increased acceleration
  • Additional power
  • Crisp induction roar
  • Easy to clean and reuse


All Pipercross performance induction kits are pre-impregnated with lubricant, so, do not require you to purchase any additonal.

Pipercross Induction Kit - R56 Cooper S (N14 & N18)

SKU: PK355

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