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STR Clutch


The STR Clutch line-up was designed to hold high capacity power while still retaining a relatively light clutch pedal. This technology was driven from our racer's demand for a lighter clutch during long endurance races in Japan. Heavy clutch pedals lead to driver fatigue during long endurance racing. Available in single and twin plate configurations matched with a unique clutch cover which allows for factory like clutch pedal feel.


The STR model lineup was designed for those who require a clutch to hold a fair amount of power over stock while also making it very easy to drive. The single diaphragm spring allows for less pedal pressure needed to disengage the clutch. This model is ideal for the the occasional performance driver and tuner. The clutch kit utilizes a full 360 degree housing that increases rigidity of the clutch assembly and prevents warpage from extreme use. This also significantly reduces engagement noise such as chattering often found with racing clutches. Our single plate and twin plate applications aim to be roughly 25%-35% lighter than OEM clutch assembly (flywheel and clutch combo).


  • 23.5lbs for Total R53 Clutch Assembly (Flywheel and Clutch)
  • Includes Release Bearing Assembly (R53 type also includes flywheel bolts)
  • 215 mm Diameter Clutch Discs
  • Lightweight Aluminum Clutch Cover
  • Chemically Heat-treated Flywheel, Housing and Pressure Plate
  • 360 Degree Housing increases rigidity and prevents warpage
  • OEM Pilot Bearing/Bushing not included.


GT Clutch


The Grand Touring Clutch is our latest development to our clutch lineup. It retains the technology from our Multi-plate Clutches, but with the addition of our unique floating pressure system to provide a smooth and chatter-free driving experience. The Grand Touring Clutches are available in single and twin plate configurations, and can be matched with a soft or hard clutch cover to suit the engine output.



We utilize full face metallic clutch plates to achieve high torque capacity from our clutches. This allows for us to use much softer diaphragm springs to achieve equal or better torque capacity compared to our competitors with substantially less pedal effort.



Our specially designed clutch cover contains a unique leverage mechanism for the diaphragm spring, resulting in a higher clamping load of the clutch disc(s) while also reducing pedal effort. These diaphragm springs combined with our special OS Giken Release Sleeves provide a much easier to operate clutch.



Integrated ventilation holes reduce heat generated inside the clutch system and allows for friction plate dust to exit outside the clutch system, thus increasing reliability and safety. Both the clutch housing and flywheel are chemically heat treated to handle extreme conditions. Increased power output typically requires more torque capacity(friction) in order to hold. This often leads to more heat being generated


STR1CDALUMINUM COVER215MMSingle Dampened Plate
STR2CALUMINUM COVER215MMTwin Plate w/Softer Diaphragm Spring
GTS1CDALUMINUM COVER215MMSingle Plate w/Damper, Softer Diaphragm Spring and Wider Half Clutch Range
GT1CDALUMINUM COVER215MMSingle Plate w/Damper


Note: We recommend replacing the OEM Release Lever Shaft and Arm. Over time the OEM units warp and will compromise the clutch engagement point. Release Sleeve Assembly inluded with the kit.


HTR Series Coming Soon!!!

OS Giken Clutch - Mini Cooper S R53


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