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ATE Type 200 Amber High-Performance Brake Fluid is designed to excel within the extreme demands made on a race vehicle and exceeds all DOT4 standards. It is compatible with and will mix well with most DOT3, DOT4, or DOT 5.1 fluids.


The formula offers a minimal drop in boiling point resulting in a long-lasting fluid that may not need to be changed for up to 3 years under normal highway driving conditions.


To maintain the functional reliability of brake systems, the brake fluid must be changed according to the specifications of the vehicle manufacturer (quality and change interval). In race/track applications, it becomes even more critical that the brake fluid is routinely changed to maintain optimum performance.


Replaces Super Blue Performance Racing brake fluid, exactly the same formula but without the blue dye additive to meet EU regulations.

Original ATE Typ 200 Performance DOT 4 Brake Fluid


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