Universal Progressive LED Shift Light


Completing perfect gear change every time has many benefits whether you’re looking to improve lap times, get that flawless start ahead of a ¼ mile or just for that feel good driving sensation. A small RPM indicator in your peripheral vision will give any driver the information needed to maximise engine performance whilst ensuring limited damage occurs to your pride and joy. 


The Motorspark Developments Progressive Shift Light is simple to install and can be used on almost all types of vehicles. A complete set of, easy to follow, wiring instructions are provided. In its most simple form, it only requires 3 wires to be connected into the automotive harness. Additional features such as Brightness dimming and a warning will each require a wire each. Once installed, the setup procedure will need to be followed that will allow the user to set parameters such as, Day time Brightness, Nighttime Brightness, Engine Calibration, RPM Filtering, Lower RPM Limit, Shift RPM Limit. Each user setting is explained below and can be updated at many times as needed once installed.




  • 4 Colour Progressive LED Technology – The module contains 8 RGB LEDs that will not struggle to be noticed in the brightest of summer conditions. Features include two user-selectable brightness setting, for day and night time driving.
  • Lightweight Design – A simple yet stylish, lightweight LED display module that will blend into any OEM/Factory interior. A remote control board allows the display module to remain small but bright and the control board to be hidden away behind the instrument cluster.
  • User Menu – Accessing the user menu is as easy as holding the push button on the rear of the LED module. The settings below can be tweaked to preference and application.
  • LED Brightness – The LED module is capable of X different levels of brightness for both day and night time modes. The lights of the vehicle are used to determine whether to be in Day or night mode.
  • Engine Calibration – The Pulses Per Revolution (PPR) need to be set depending on the engine configuration. For example, 4 Cylinder = 2 PPR, 6 Cylinder = 3 PPR etc.
  • RPM Filtering – If it is noticed that the RPM reading is erratic then our shift light has the ability to be able to enable a RPM Filter. This is sometimes needed when used with an old style system with lots of electrical noise.
  • RPM Set points – Two RPM set points are needed. These are set by the user from briefly revving the engine to the set point. The lower RPM point is known as the Activation RPM, this is set the RPM at which the first LED should light up at. The second RPM set point is known at the Shift RPM point, this is set to where the LEDs will flash white to alert the driver to change gear.  
  • Warning Alert – For the added safety, our Shift Light warning can be optimized. When the warning input is activated, all 8 LEDS will light up red to alert the driver. The warning alert can be connected an ECU output, Low Oil pressure switch and many more to warn the driver. The input can be switched HIGH (5-15V) or switched LOW (GND). This must be specified when ordering

MotorSpark Developments ShiftLight


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