The Mod A Mini Extremely Ultimate Performance pack includes the basic mods from the Extreme pack, but oh so even more!! This is like no other we can find on the market so why go elsewhere? Not only is it the best priced on the market its all pretty easy to fit to we have the youtube videos to prove it! even Miriam can do it!!


You will get:


  • KAVs 15% or 17% 
  • Gates Belt
  • BKR7EQUP Spark Plugs (The MOST recommended plugs for these pulleys!)
  • GRS Intercooler! (please allow 4 weeks for delivery)
  • R56 Brake kit with Drilled and Grooved Pagid Discs and Pagid Pads
  • Tein Coilovers

Mod A Mini - Total Performance Overhaul Pack

£1,474.98 Regular Price
£1,399.99Sale Price