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Developed and handmade within the UK by a well-respected engineering company, we now have 15%, 17% pulleys available in blue, red and black.


Important bits: These pulleys are made from 6082T6 aluminium with a precision ground hardened steel locking mechanism. The metal is anodised and has been created with a 6PK specific insert to ensure no belt mangling or pitch issues.

Mod A Mini Lightweight Reduced Supercharger Pulley

£119.99 Regular Price
£109.99Sale Price
Pulley Colour
  • Pulley Characteristics

    • Medium-high torque • Easy mounting • Limited installation time


    Carefully clean the hub shaft contact surfaces.

    Remove one bolt at a time degrease then add medium strength thread locker. Refit the bolt and do the same for the other 3 bolts in turn.

    Slide the locking hub assembly fully onto the supercharger hub shaft until it stops,

    then tighten gradually and regularly in crossed sequence, tighten all bolts to reach the tightening torque of 10Nm.

    Do not use any oil with Molybdenum disulfide or high, pressure additives and not grease. These notably reduce the friction coefficient.


    Loosen the four clamping screws and remove two opposite screws.

    Insert the screws into the non counterbored holes, dismantling threads and tighten gradually and regularly in crossed sequence until the back cone is released.

    If the coupling is to be reused, recoat screws threads.

    In the event of disassembly of the pulley and coupling.

    Should the coupling be disassembled please be aware that two coupling slots MUST oppose each other and NOT be aligned.

    A very light oil must be used on the coupling internal surfaces only.

    When refitting the hub align coupling tapped holes with the two clearance holes in the pulley.

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