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The lubrication demands and expectations for performance MINI's is greater than it has ever been with performance Minis becoming more and more popular with standard cars becoming rarer. Mod A Mini Oil has been designed to maximise performance and fuel economy in tough operating conditions and minimise component wear and tear, using the right quality oil and finding the right type of lubricant for your MINI is absolutely vital.


Our oil is meticulously made to the latest BMW MINI specifications and meets the demands set out by BMW MINI, the correct quality lubricants can make a real difference to the performance and longevity of of your MINI.


Qualsyn MS FS 5W30 C3 is a fully synthetic high quality engine oil designed to meet the performance requirements of BMW MINI. Mod A Mini oil incorporates additive technology that ensures the highest levels of performance and protection of all components within the engine meeting and surpassing the specifications set BMW LL 04. ALl the benefits of BMW MINI Oil - 1/2 the price. RRP £40.99

Mod A Mini - 5W/30 Engine Oil BMW LL-04