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The MMR Performance Rear Brake Upgrade for the F56 Mini JCW comprises a pair of 325mm fully-floating FC-25 Carbon Steel two-piece fully-floating discs, supplied with a billet steel bracket to re-locate the OE rear caliper further outboard giving you optimum braking performance even under extreme temperatures and usage.


Our Rear Brake Upgrade provides a balanced braking setup once you've upgrading to a more efficient front braking solution. It's the perfect upgrade to pair alongside our Mini Front Big Brake Kit, matching front/rear braking performance along with the pleasing aesthetics of a matched setup visible through your alloys.


This upgrade retains the factory calipers, but relocates further outboard from the hub to suit the new, larger diameter of the discs. With the greater mechanical advantage that their new location provides, the rear calipers deliver more than enough pressure to clamp the discs to match the performance of a front Big Brake Kit. Retaining the factory rear calipers also means that the operation of the handbrake is unaffected, and also allows you to choose from a vast range of pad brands to suit your usage and preferences.

The discs themselves are finished with our proprietary groove design, which not only offers a visual boost and matches our front 6-piston Big Brake Kit, but also helps to ensure a glaze-free pad surface, giving you optimum braking performance even under extreme temperatures and usage.

Fully floating mounting between disc and bell allow for thermal expansion and contraction to avoid cracking.

Please note that we don't advise fitment of the MMR Rear Brake Upgrade alone - they should only be paired with a quality front Big Brake Kit to maintain balanced front/rear brake bias. 



  • 325mm FC-25 Carbon steel two-piece fully-floating discs 
  • Billet steel caliper brackets
  • All required fitting hardware

MMR Rear Brake Upgrade - Mini F56

SKU: MMR21-1401R

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