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While keeping with the proud tradition of Japan Grand Champion Series Silhouette Cars, Liberty Walk have revolutionised the way LB-Works cars are built! With the LB Silhouette Works GT range every panel on the car, with the exception of the roof and doors, will now be available with the new innovative wide-body full panel replacements.

It is Liberty Walk’s unique Japanese background and years of custom car building that has brought Liberty Walk to the point it is at today. As a new part of the LB-Works line-up, LB Silhouette Works GT will continue to define Liberty Walk for years to come.


When you see Liberty Walk written, you immediately think of the widebody creations from Japan.

LB Performance aims to add some flare and individualism to an already incredible vehicle. The LB-Works series has a very aggressive look. In contrast, LB Performance adds a subtle, yet beautiful ‘original’ custom look to your car. The R56 Mini is no different.


The full kit includes:

Front Bumper, Front Diffuser, Side Skirts, Rear Bumper, Rear Diffuser, Rear Wing, Boot-Mounted Wing, and Wheel Arch Extensions. The body kit design allows for the kit to be fitted without wheel arch extensions if required. 


Parts can be bought individually message for pricing

Liberty Walk Bodykit - R56


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