KAV's Crank Pulley +0%, +1% +2%


The KAVS Motorsport Lightweight Crankshaft Pulley is a fantastic addition to your R52/R53 Cooper S, whether or not you’re already reaping the benefit of one of our Reduced Supercharger Pulleys or Enlarged Alternator Pulleys.

Our Lightweight Crankshaft Pulleys are forged, solid units; far superior to weaker, machine cut pulleys, as offered by our competitors, which can be prone to failure. The last supercharged Cooper S rolled off the production line in 2008; meaning that many of these cars are getting on; many of which are already over a decade old. A common problem due to aging is that the rubber starts to fail, severely reducing the reliability of your engine.

We therefore offer a 139mm diameter pulley designed to replace your stock, OEM unit from the factory and, in addition, 140mm, 141mm and 142mm pulleys, offering up to a 2% enlargement over the standard size. Weights range between 550g and 600g depending on the size.

Why do we offer larger pulleys over standard?

As you reduce the size of your supercharger pulley, seeking higher performance, you increase the demands on your crankshaft; spinning it faster than its usual operating speed. By enlarging the size of the crankshaft pulley, you allow the engine to work at its normal pace, reducing the rotating mass within the engine, while still delivering the higher boost you have gained by introducing a smaller supercharger pulley to the powertrain.

The end result is more reliability, reduced engine drag, higher horsepower and torque figures; with more efficient power delivery.

KAVS - Crank Pulley R52, R53