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K1 Technologies strives to bring customers a high-quality connecting rod at an affordable price. K1 Technologies connecting rods are a cut above the average imported connecting rods. K1 rods are made to there designs and are held to some of the tightest accepted tolerances in the racing industry. More attention is shown to finish work than comparable products.


A wide variety of sizes and applications are available, from the Sport Compact sizes through Small Block and Big Block Chevy and Mopar. Premium 4340 steel is used to manufacture all of K1 connecting rods. K1 connecting rods come standard with ARP 2000 rod bolts for superior strength. Bearing bore tolerances are held to +/-.0001".


Bronze bushings allow for a full-floating pin. All K1 Technologies connecting rods are honed in-house and sizes are held to some of the tightest accepted tolerances in the industry. Rods are weight-matched into sets and boxed, with the rotating, reciprocating and total weights noted for convenient use in the balancing process.

K1 - 005EB16132 - 4 Rods for R53


  • Billet 4340 Steel H-Beam Design
  • Designed by in-house engineering team for high-stress racing applications
  • All rods are finished in the USA and held to very tight tolerances. Bores finished to +/- .0001" and weight to +/- 1 gram per end.
  • Shot peened for improved fatigue life
  • Premium bronze wrist pin bushings
  • High-Quality ARP 2000 Fasteners included
  • Rated to support up to 900 horsepower
  • Length: 131.5mm
  • Housing Bore: 49.000
  • Pin Diameter: 21mm
  • BE Width: 23.30
  • Pin Width: 18.50
  • Bolt Size: 3/8


Note: Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery

K1 Technologies H-Beam Rods - R53


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