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Full kit of independently height and damping adjustable Coilover suspension for your BMW Mini R55 with additional camber adjustment plates


Choose from Dualtech or Monopro and a range of spring rates.

Refined monotube damping & enhanced performance, offering the ultimate in strength and adjustability for advanced road and track use. Get a sporty, adjustable ride with the best specification Coilover kit in its class. A significant upgrade over OEM suspension.


HSD Dualtech


For the road - The HSD DualTech is the not-so-little brother to the MonoPro. Designed for the enthusiast on more of a budget, looking for that fantastic HSD adjustability and build quality, without the need for the ultimate performance and strength that the MonoPro range provides.


Each DualTech kit consists of 4 TwinTube coilovers with 14-way damping adjustment, allowing you to perfect how your car feels on the road. Coupled with a longer damper stroke, the HSD DualTech is a significant upgrade over stock suspension that gives you a noticeably sportier, more comfortable ride on the road.


HSD Monopro


For The trackHSD’s flagship model includes all of the great features of the Dualtech, then takes everything up a notch with improved monotube damper technology & increased overall strength & performance - Designed for street and track use, the HSD Monopro coilover is the ultimate suspension solution. The HSD Monopro has the perfect combination of sporty dynamics, ride quality, and damping.


Each Monopro kit consists of 4 high-performance Monotube coilovers with a precise 16-way damping adjustment, allowing you to dial in the perfect setup for fast road or track. Coupled with the high oil capacity monotube damper design & precision valving, the HSD Monopro gives incredible ride quality, performance & heat dissipation so you get consistent performance even when driving hard for prolonged periods.

HSD Coilovers - BMW Mini Clubman R55 (09-15)

  • Dualtech:

    Spring Rating 7kg/6kg - A well-balanced setup for all-round use.

    Spring Rating 9kg/7kg - Best suited for track competition or stance.


    Spring Rating 7kg/6kg - A well-balanced setup for all-round use.

    Spring Rating 9kg/7kg - Best suited for track competition or stance.

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