Helix Autosport performance clutches are intended for applications where the engine/vehicle performance has been increased above standard. All Helix Autosport clutches are manufactured from new components to the highest standard using the best materials available. They are designed to give higher clamp load to cope with higher torque capacity together with an increase engine rpm.


All Helix Autosport flywheels are made from Chromium-Molybdenum Steel. They are made to exact tolerances using O.E specifications and fully balanced.


All procedures are done in house to ensure the quality and to keep the lead times down. This also allows customers to have special requirements such as a specific weight or timing marks.


Helix AutoSport Clutch Kit 35-7007 (Fast Road)


The Helix 35-7007 clutch is ideal for Fast Road & Light Competition use. The 35-7007 clutch kit includes everything required for the complete upgrade,


  • Helix Clutch Cover (060-2442)
  • Helix Clutch Release Bearing (040-3821)
  • Organic Drive Plate (70-2443)
  • Lightened Steel Flywheel (HF 9307)


Helix AutoSport Clutch Kit 95-7007 (Trac)


The Helix Autosport Racing Clutch range has been designed to satisfy the variety of needs found in the competitive market place.


With a 4 Paddle Drive plate this kit is more suited towards the Track or Competition user. The Cerametallic material is used for this application as it maintains all frictional properties meaning it can cope with the higher temperatures found when racing. Utilising a sprung plate this 4 paddle clutch is matched perfectly with the lightweight steel flywheel, allowing maximum performance in all conditions


  • Helix Clutch Cover - 60-2442
  • Helix Clutch Release Bearing - 40-3821
  • 4 Paddle Drive Plate  - 76-2443
  • Lightened Steel Flywheel - HF 9307


This clutch kit offers exceptional value and performance no matter the circumstances.


Note: Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery

Helix Autosport Clutch Kit - R53