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The Mini Turbo Blanket is based around the construction of the Mk3. Turbo blanket, which has reinvented the durability and performance of the turbo blanket. With an all-new construction for 2020, thicker insulation, and a better all-round aesthetic. Check out the video below to see how our all-new turbo jackets work on the Dyno! A turbo blanket REDUCES your under bonnet temperatures, creating MORE usable power throughout the entire RPM range, helping keep your surrounding components more RELIABLE, and helping to ACCELERATE the hot gases away from the engine.


We have turbo blankets suitable for both Internal and Externally gated blankets. These are also available in both Carbon Fibre and Titanium. Both Materials perform exactly the same, it is just an aesthetic difference.


Due to the close proximity between the two halves of the turbo, it is extremely common for the heat sink to occur. This can decrease performance output while increasing the work of the input components during the combustion cycle. Funk Motorsport Turbo blankets are designed to keep the hot side of your turbo insulated while keeping the cold side at optimum temperatures. This helps to provide cooler airflow to the cooling system and MAF sensor, leading to an increased ignition spark and higher output of energy from combustion. By ensuring that the turbine sector of the turbo remains hot, less heat will be dissipated into the engine bay, ensuring that exhaust gases will flow with less turbulence from the exhaust.


Mini offer both OEM and High-Performance Turbos for road, and race application. Thermal protection and heat management are important in all instances. This will provide the appropriate cooling, reliability, performance, etc that is required in your Fast Road or Track car.


We here at Funk Motorsport, strive to provide the best and most relevant products and turbo jackets for the performance automotive market.




Funk Motorsport Turbo Blanket - R55 R56 R57 R58 R59 R60 R61


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