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Suspension and Spring Specification – BMW Mini F56


The Forge Motorsport suspension gives you the best balance between performance & comfort.

With 32 levels of dampening adjustability, the suspension kit can be set to any preference, for track or street driving, and adjust both bumps and rebound at the same time


Manufactured from carbon steel 52mm diameter seamless tube (to JIS G3445 and DIN2393).

A 44mm linear characteristic internal piston provides the best dampening response for the tube diameter. 

High-quality monotube shock design


The high viscosity oil used in the damper ensures the very best and most efficient shock-absorbing action.

The length of the shock can be adjusted, preventing the need to adjust the spring perch like on a normal coil-over, and so offering the maximum shock-absorbing travel.

Cold drawn springs are manufactured from high strength steel (to SAE9252).

Spring rates of 6kg/mm (front) and 4kg/mm (rear) for Mini F56


The Forge Suspension System has been developed with fast road and track driving in mind, but for those that prefer more show than go, it also offers a two-stage lowering system that takes your car from low to really low!


Firstly the shock body itself is adjustable in length which means that you don’t have to make the spring shorter in order to lower the car. This means that ride quality can be maintained as the spring stays at its optimum length and the travel of the shock (i.e. its ability to absorb bumps) isn’t affected. On the Mini F56, we recommend up to 50mm front and 50mm rear. This makes it perfect for track use where a lower centre of gravity is desirable, but also doesn’t make the ride overly hard.


Secondly, the length of the spring can be adjusted, just like a normal Coilover, so as the spring gets shorter the car gets lower.


This does also mean that if the shock is adjusted AND the spring platform adjusted at the same time, you can obtain huge drops over stock but you will need supporting modifications in order to run a regular road car this low, along the lines of fully adjustable control arms, and possibly chassis modifications, so that your camber, caster and toe settings can stay as close to factory settings as possible. This is really only recommended for show purposes.


Please allow upto 3-4 weeks for delivery.


Forge Motorsport Coilover Kit - F56


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