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Straight Groove upgrade brake discs, slots dispel gasses and debris and give quiet braking. Manufactured from unique disc alloys and thermic black coated for corrosion resistance. These discs are runout tested.


(BSD) Bi-directional slots give silent braking and better pad venting. Black thermic coated for corrosion resistance. These discs are runout tested and are an exact replacement for manufacturer discs.


This brake kit provides the perfect combination for general street use and when matched with a combination of the pads below can be used in many applications!


Pad Choice:

  1. Greenstuff (Green) = Proven to stop a vehicle 20 feet shorter than using stock pads. Greenstuff pads are fully shimmed, chamfered and slotted for silent braking and also feature the EBC Brake‐In surface coating to accelerate pad bed‐in after installation. OE Application
  2. Yellowstuff (Yellow) = A first in a new range of 'Hybrid' materials that can be safely and legally used on worlds roads being R90 approved UK are a high friction upgrade pad for all fast street useand can also be used on the track with proper bedding.
  3. Orangestuff (Orange) = Developed as a full race pad with a high friction level that increases with temperature. This material works best on light to middleweight high powered race cars where a higher fade resistance and wear life is desirable (Track use only)
  4. Bluestuff 5000 NDX (Blue) = race formula ultra high friction race pad with a friction level peaking above 0.6 under braking that will generate more G force than most, if not all pads out there

    EBC Grooved BSD Disc and Pad Kit Front and Rear - R53 Mini Cooper S


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