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MVT technology designed by Direnza offers greater intercooler efficiency in comparison to other aftermarket alternatives. This is achieved through the use of carefully placed vanes in the end tank which evenly distribute air across the entire core. Ensuring the full surface area of the intercooler core is optimised to cool your charged air, resulting in more power.

Test car: Mini Cooper F56 S Works 210 210hp / 300nm

Put through its paces on a state-of-the-art Maha MSR 500 Dyno, our Multi Vane Technology Intercooler for the F56 Cooper S yielded some highly impressive results.

After installing our revolutionary MVT Intercooler, engine performance improved significantly. With the F56 now producing 233.6hp & 321nm of torque, that’s an increase of +23.6hp & 21nm of torque without any additional tuning.


What’s more impressive is the cooling power of MVT. Using sophisticated data logging software, stock intake temperatures where measured at 39°c at the start of the dyno run. This increased to 45°c by the end of the same run. However, with MVT installed, intake temperatures actually reduced from 30.75°c at the start of the run down to 22.5°c! That’s a drop of 22.5°c at peak power. Thus, providing huge tuning potential and greater reliability when combined with a remap & supporting modifications. The perfect addition to any track or modified road car!


  • +23.6hp / +21nm
  • 86% Larger than Stock
  • -22.5°c Intake Temps
  • Black coating improves heat dissipation properties
  • Designed using state of the art 3D CAD and CFD modelling
  • Direct replacement for the original core
  • Supplied with spacers, allow the thicker core to be installed
  • TIG welded for maximum strength and durability


Stock dimensions: 585mm x 150mm x 95mm
Stock volume: 8,300cm3

MVT dimensions: 581mm x 234mm/stepped x 155mm
MVT Volume: 15,540cm3



Direnza Front Mount Intercooler Core - BMW Mini Cooper S F56 2013-


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