In a follow up to the successful DW65 fuel pump for R53 Mini. The DW65V variation (PN 9-655-1025) is similar to the original DW65 fuel pump, but has a newly designed end cap which allows it to function properly with the Mini fuel tank. The original DW65V was an instant hit for 1.8t FWD owners, and now 1.8t AWD and 3.2 VR6 owners can enjoy the same benefits of a pump that fits like stock on your Mini it does not create low fuel level starvation like other pumps, and also flows enough to support the higher HP ranges.


Like the rest of DeatschWerks’ DW65 pump series (DW65c and DW65a), this “v” version flows 265lph and can support 500hp. The DW65 series of pumps are characterized by their speciality fitment, allowing 100% drop-in fitment for applications that don’t take a standard-size fuel pump. The DW65v has the same pickup points as the factory pump and utilizes a system identical to stock to maintain the bucket’s fuel level, avoiding fuel starvation at low fuel levels or in high cornering. All DeatschWerks fuel pumps come with an industry-leading 3-year warranty.


NOTE: Fitment on the R56 requires the use of an R53 fuel pump basket for fitment

DeatschWerks DW65V - R53 and R56