The most common modification for the MINI Cooper S is to increase the boost with a reduced pulley. The Cravenspeed reduced pulley will create more boost by increasing the revolutins of the supercharger. The smaller the pulley, the higher the boost. Cravenspeed supply a 15% and 17% reduction from standard. 

15% is most suited for fast road use, this is the most common use and i suitable for those who would like a decent increase in power with less strain on the charger and the engine. The 17% pulley is better suited to drivers that want more power for occasionally track days, and B road Blasting. Please be mindful that with a reduced pulley comes greater heat wo we recommend using an enlarged Intercooler, especially with the 17% (we recommend to not use the 17% unless you have the intercooler. 15% should be fine as standard)

The Cravenspeed Reduced Supercharger Pulley will increase power output by between 15 - 20 BHP depending on the pulley selected.


Let us know whether you would like to pair this with cooler plugs (Denso IK22) or a new Gates belt using the dropdowns please specify other pulley upgrades at checkout to ensure correct belt fitment.

Cravenspeed 15-17% Reduction Pulley - R53 Supercharged