Winter is the time when adding an oil catch tank kit is invaluable. During the winter months your engine won't always get up to operating temperature to burn off any condensation that forms in the system, when this isn't burnt off it leads to thinning of the oil which isn't good for any engine.

Adding a baffled catch tank will also help vent any other contaminants that form in the system and help prevent blow-by on higher boost pressure applications.


Our custom made oil catch tank kits are delivered with everything required to fit to the engine.


Each kit contains the following :


1 x 2 Port Oil Catch Tank, these have an internal baffle and 400 micron gauze filter, available in Black, Blue, Red & Silver


2 x Custom Made Oil Lines, these are double wall, reinforced oil and fuel and heat safe hoses, these are available in 14 different colours, Red, Black, Blue, Silver, Anthracite, Gold, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Purple, Green, Royal Blue, Baby Blue & White


2 x Hose End Finishing Clamps, these incorporate clamps to secure the hoses to the catch tank, available in Black, Blue, Red, Silver, Chrome, Gold, Green, Purple & Orange.


Each kit is supplied with full fitting instructions via email in a PDF which when followed the kits take less than 30 minutes to fit, no special tools are required and only very basic mechanical knowledge is required.


Each kit is made to order, all UK sourced parts. 



R53 - Small Fittings

N14/Diesel - Large Fittings

N16, N18 Small Fittings

Baffled Oil Catch Can - R50-F56

Catch can Colour
Oil Line Colour