Available in both 15% and 17% reductions, Alta has designed a two-piece supercharger pulley for the R53 MINI Cooper S variants and gives considerable performance gains for a relatively low price. This modification gives the 'biggest bang for your buck' to those seeking more power.

The Alta Version 2.0 pulley features a stainless steel coupler with a lightweight aluminium body decreasing rotational mass improving throttle response. This will give you a 3 - 5 PSI increase in boost and a 15 - 21 BHP gain depending on pulley size chosen. With oversized belt retainers and grooved teeth, this makes the pulley grip better to the belt increaseing grip. 

15% Pulley - Will give you around a 15 - 17 increase in BHP. No need to upgrade intercooler. 

17% Pulley - Will give you around a 18 - 21 increase in BHP. It is advisable to pair a 17% Pulley with an upgraded intercooler, as heat can become an issue if used at high RPM for a long period or on the track. 


Let us know whether you would like to pair this with cooler plugs (NGK - BKR7EQUP) or a new Gates belt using the dropdowns please specify other pulley upgrades at checkout to ensure correct belt fitment.

Why not pair this with a lightened crank pulley for even more power?

Alta v2.0 Reduced Pulley 15% or 17% - R53 Supercharged