Available in both 0% and +2% the Alta Lightened Crank Pulley is the perfect companion to you reduced pulley to remove a lot of weight whilst also increasing performance. The stock crank pulley weighs just over 1KG, whereas the Alta Crank Pulley weigh approximately 0.3KG making a significant weight saving along with decreasing rotational mass. This weight loss whilst not a lot will dramatically increase throttle response one thing the mini really lacks from factory. 

The Alta Crank Pulley is a one piece design, therefore it eliminates the common problem owners face of their two piece crank pulley falling apart. There is also a +2% overdrive option available. This effectively increases your supercharger pulley size by 2% (15% Supercharger pulley is then equivalent to 17%).

As with all pulley upgrades make sure your supercharger and engine are being cooled properly! why not couple this with an Airtec Intercooler??


Note: If choosing for the pulley to be supplied with a belt please make us aware of whether you have a reduced supercharger pulley at checkout so we can ensure the correct size is ordered.

Alta Lightened Crank Pulley 0% or +2% - Mini Cooper S R53