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The chassis components from AC Schnitzer improve driving comfort, driving dynamics and safety. The prerequisite for this is that the wheels always remain in contact with the ground and that good road holding, cornering stability as well as braking and steering safety are guaranteed.

The AC Schnitzer suspension spring set meets these requirements by combining optimum lowering in combination with an adapted residual spring travel and simultaneous adjustment of the spring hardness.

Higher agility
Lowering the centre of gravity by lowering the centre of gravity leads to a noticeable increase in driving dynamics and cornering handling and enables a sporty driving style without any loss of comfort.

Greater safety
By changing the centre of gravity of the vehicle, higher safety reserves are created during evasive manoeuvres and load changes, as well as a consequent increase in the limit range.
The authenticity certificate of the original AC Schnitzer suspension spring set guarantees you a high safety standard and the best quality.
Developed and extensively tested on the Nordschleife of the Nürburgring, where every test result is consistently used for improvement.

Increased Driving Spa
The use of the AC Schnitzer suspension suspension set enables sporty, ambitious drivers to enjoy a varied driving experience.

AC Schnitzer Lowering Spring Kit - F56

SKU: 3130256410

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