Established in 2018 we are a new company specialising in parts for the BMW Mini. We truly believe you should have Your MINI Your Way and will do anything we can to make your plans come to life!
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Mod A Mini was formed on a passion for anything with an engine, especially Mini's. After owning and restoring a classic mini to its former glory over a few years, a love for Minis was born. I then met Bizotch and to contribute towards the wedding the beautiful mini had to be sold :(


After getting married my lust for another project car was still there and I thought about doing another Mini, however, the increasing cost in classics put anything decent out of budget.... I then got offered a Porsche 924s as a project... I started work on this and after a couple of months of ownership my sister bought an R53 Mini, this is where it began, after taking my sisters mini for a drive I was hooked, 2 weeks later the Porsche was sold and an R53  was mine.


Our current car project is a 2006 Mini Cooper S R53 in astro black. It is stored locally at the moment while it is off the road for some major electrical work (more on that in upcoming blog posts!!) but we are also making the most of it being "wheel-less" with quite a few modifications we have been putting off until the winter. My sister also has a (currently) completely standard 2002 Mini Cooper S R53 in yellow, and my dad has just recently bought himself a weekend car - a 2004 John Cooper Works in red - we like to keep it in the family! Keep an eye out for these cars in our blog posts too.


Our previous joint car projects have included a 1989 Mini Cooper

(a complete restoration from shell upwards), 2002 BMW 330ci, 1984 Ford Capri 1.6 Laser, 1979 Ford Capri 3.0 Ghia and a 1987 Porsche 924s. We are mainly self-taught and have definitely had our fair share of set-backs as petrol-heads know only too well, but we love tinkering and the friendly, helpful atmosphere on forums and facebook groups - plus Mim's tiny hands are extremely useful in engine bays!


A professional at keeping her hands, hair, make up and nails perfect whilst also making sure that the barn doesn't end up in too much mess! Chief tool-passer and tea maker, she loves learning new skills and being the coolest girlfriend/wife in our group.



A whizz at forums and finding out what people want before they do. Plus an expert at making sure every single tool is out - even for a simple job - just because he loves it!

Not so much of an expert at tidying up.